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Great Fall Break!

Well...I had an absolutly fabulous Fall Break. I got to go with Mike to Valpo and visit with his family. On Friday, we went to Pizzaria Uno, and the waiter doesn't like the Yankees. Mike had a Yankees cap on, so there was a little tension there. And then we went to his house. His dog, Mattie was SO excited to see him, it was so cute. (I miss Gordon!) On Saturday, we had brunch with his parents. I had a HUGE omlette! And later we did some shopping, and I got to go to a REAL barber shop (it was cool). Later, we had dinner, and his mom made a yummy meatloaf (Mom! the meatloaf!!) On Sunday, we went to the picnic. I liked being introduced to everyone, "And this is Mike's girlfriend, Courtney" that is a nice feeling. We had a great time. We had planned on leaving on Sunday, but we fell asleep after the picnic with the neighborhood group. It was rather cold at the picnic, and I'm still not used to that cold weather! (I know guys, the South is better!) Since we decided to stay, we woke up and watched "The Interpreter" with his parents. It was an okay movie, a little long though. And since we had a really long nap, we weren't tired. So we watched.....Star Trek: First Contact!!! (my favorite Star Trek movie!....and it's TREK, not TRAK!) On Monday, we woke up to see Mike's adorable nieces Sadie and Madison. Sadie was there first, and Madison came later. I was in the shower when Madison came to the house. She was asking for me, and she said that she loved me! Isn't that cute:?! She is such a sweetie. We had lunch at a 50s Diner with Mike's sister, Morgan, and Madison. It was a great Fall Break!
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